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Running (in marathons) has taken up a new level. The craze is like badminton several years ago.

Running is perhaps one of the least expensive sports there is, for a beginner . All you got to do is get a good pair of shoes plus clothes that will not feel heavy and make you sweat buckets, you are good to go.

Investing on a good pair of athletic shoes like mbt shoes or running-specific shoes is a good move.

One can get those wrist watches for time, heart rate monitor, running GPS/camera/camelbacks, music players, sunglasses, at a later stage. This is just my opinion though.

You can run a few blocks in your neighborhood early in the morning or early evening, or even during weekends, no need to pay for any membership fees. Be careful with stray dogs though :D

You can read a lot of websites, talk to people who are into the sport and even join running clinics.

There is a website that lists the schedule of marathons one can join. It is no surprise that two-three or even more are happening every week.

Why, there is even a website that lists the songs in the play lists of runner.

Talks to self: “So, wake up early, gear up and go!” :)

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