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Election Promises

In the USA: The House passed on Sunday the Senate’s health care reform bill and a package of measures meant to reconcile differences between the Senate bill and the one it passed last year. Click here to read more.

Why am I interested in this topic when I am half a world away?

A few weeks from today, this country will be having its 2010 Philippine national election. Everyone’s talking about “change“, “reform“, being intelligent voters, computerization of manual voting and counting system as well as voting for the right person who represents the values you hold dear.

We have to admit though, election/campaign time is one of the times we hear what we want to hear, we are promised what we think we deserve and yes, we live in a dreamland, thinking of promised land beyond the campaign period.

Improved health care is one of the more obvious choice of promises being made to be delivered after beingĀ  elected.

One of my criteria in choosing the candidate I will vote for would be the one who will prioritize population control.

I hope these priorities will become a reality and not just promises sworn on thin air.

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