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Homeless NY Father Finds Daughter Through Twitter

Homeless NY Father Finds Daughter Through Twitter says the headline I read in one of the first sites that announced this good news this morning. father is Mr. Danny Morales who found his daughter through Twitter in a project called Underheard in New York.

Underheard in New York is a project where homeless people are given a prepaid mobile phone to keep a record of their lives.

Mr. Morales posted a photo of his daughter Sarah Rivera in Twitter.

Certainly good news for loved ones who have not been in touched with each other for years.

I’m sure people who read their story were moved to tears. Who would have thought technology, specifically social media, would be the way for long lost loved ones to see each other again.

Technology makes it possible too to read about the latest in health issues like alternative medicine, urinary tract infection and even colon cleanse. Technology has helped us in many ways and sometimes we are so used to it we don’t appreciate the good it does for us.

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