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Help for Japan

I remember vividly what happened during the big quake back in the 90s. At the dorm where I was staying, we had to stay on the ground floor so each of us brought down our mattress and bedding. We prayed like never prayed before and didn’t sleep until we were extremely exhausted.We were ready to get out of the building, just in case.

I was so worried about my family who I just saw a few days before the big quake. We had to wait till the phone lines were restored before we were able to call our parents because mobile phones were still non-existent during this time and so do Social Media and the internet.

Re Japan earthquake yesterday, a lot of agencies have started mobilizing their resources on how to help Japan. A few minutes after the quake struck, people all over the world bore witness to the devastation. And a few minutes after the tragedy, people started to find ways on how they could help through online connections.

Wow, technology sure does work wonders in times like this. I just hope some scrupulous people won’t take advantage of this situation and create scams where they will benefit.

It happens, sad though it may be.


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