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City of Dreams and DreamWorks Animation Build DreamPlay in Manila


DreamWorks Animation, Melco Crown Philippines Resorts Corporation and SM’s Belle Corporation is building DreamPlay Manila at the City of Dreams at new integrated casino resort at Entertainment City, Manila Bay, Manila.

Read more about DreamPlay Manila here.

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Pinto Art Museum

I wrote about Pinto Art Museum in this article. I also published posts here and here.

Below are two newer photos I took (and published in an Instagram account I use) when we came back three weeks ago with the children:

Wooden Gate:

Wooden Gate

Lutang. Floating.

Lutang. Floating.

Going up?

Going up?

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Cool Weather

We have been having an unusually cool weather these days and needless to say, I am loving everyday of it! Maybe the reason why I am not too prone to allergy attacks is because I have been consistently having fresh vegetables and fruit juices.

Gray sky

Below 20s is definitely something we can live with so I try not to think how hot and humid and difficult it would be to go out of the house and suffer the stifling heat. Good thing there is online shopping these days when one needs supplies for whatever reason and these can be easily found.

Two to three weeks more of this lovely weather before the heat comes back. Argh.

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The Cat Painter

Here is my son as Rahal, The Cat Painter (unblurred face), in a play adapted from The Cat Painter book by Becky Bravo.


Last month was his third year to play the part as Rahal when the cast performed at a different school. They were warmly received and I need not say that I am proud of him.


We Loved the Peace and Quiet

We did our annual Visita Iglesia last Friday. It has been a quiet Holy Week for the husband and I because the kids are vacationing with their grandparents, my parents and hubby’s mom.

It was a welcome respite to even not hear the children from the other side of the block playing on the streets. It was also a relief not to hear people from another street sing their hearts out like they are doing a demo at the ableton live 8 guitar center.

The coming campaign period is something I dread for all its pomp and noise especially the noise since these are just the times people “hear” from these politicians, until the next campaign period comes along.


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Manila Cathedral

The eldest daughter, when she was still at a young age, once told us that she wants to hear mass at the Manila Cathedral.

Manila Cathedral

One of the reasons she gave was because she said she wants to know if the organs in the mezzanine are being played during the masses there. She said she would, for once, listen to music being played there. Most churches use speakers like exciting celestion vintage 30.

I for one would like to hear music being played that way too.

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