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We Love our HP Printer

We do a lot of printing at home with three children going to school. We currently have one college freshman, one high school freshman and a fifth grader.

Here is our home printer, an HP Deskjet P2480. We still have an older HP Laserjet printer in the storage.

HP printer

This printer serves as a scanner, copier and printer for our printing and file storage needs.

When it comes to printing a lot of colored pages though, we sometimes have these printed out from computer and printing establishments. We do have this place we go to for cheap postcard printing and even tarpaulin printing, if a need for that arises.

We also do not use the refilled ink from ink refilling station so that we won’t have printer problems later on.

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From Virtual Friends to Real-Life Friends

Last week, I met up with Ibyang and her husband Chris.  Rachel joined us as well as Cess and her lovely daughter S. It was unfortunate that Maver had to beg off due to work so we missed seeing her.

Cafe Mary Grace EB

We all met through blogging along with a lot more friends we have made through the years. I started blogging around late 2005 and met other bloggers a year or so after that and I have been friends with them ever since.

Our background checks were in the form of blogposts, shared bit and pieces in Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

We know a lot about each other, pre-Facebook times, sometimes more than our other friends (and relatives) do.

If there is one thing that I am grateful for that I started blogging is that I met these wonderful people :)



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Blogging at the Mall

After hubby’s business with the hardware store (see post below), I am stationed at the mall to wait for the kids to arrive.

Sigh… I am not fond of this waiting game, I’d rather stay home than be out. Imagine, I have to buy food so I can plug and recharge my mobile phone now running on dim lcd, lol.

Gap Store

There is gonna be a sale on the 31st at this mall so I better check what they have to offer because we are on the look out for something like this that I saw in

Time to check out some new shirts too :-)

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Web Linked 7

My friends and I were so eager to start a new business venture but due to our busy-ness, we had to hold off for now. Even the website looks kinda sad and neglected, like the group blog. Sigh.

With Christmas fast approaching, this has to be shelved for now but I know we will resume our talks as soon as we have spare time.There is still so much to do:

  • apply for business permits
  • write company profile and objectives
  • submit to web site directory/ies where we hope someone will take notice
  • draft a plan with long-term and short-term goals

For now, we just write down our ideas to be discussed once we sit on the project and allot time for it to develop.

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Cooking Up Something New

Yes, I’m cooking up something new and I’m excited.

I hope I can keep up with all the online sites I currently have.

But, but… I have to be doubly hardworking and stop going to time-stealer sites like Plurk, Facebook and Twitter. Not that active in twitter but I just love reading the links of the news agencies I follow.

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Research Interrupted

Last night’s research on several health issues like tuberculosis, viral diseases and bacterial diseases for a Biology project of my daughter was interrupted by reading a deluge of angry status updates of blogger friends who blog about the food they cook.

I knew I shouldn’t have opened my FB to take a peek.

Over at Facebook, my food blogger friends (and I) are furious about a scraper / plagiarist posing as a chef who just copies recipes and photos of others and posting them as his own creation. His titles are: “MY ________________” when in fact, it was “my copied recipe (verbatim) and photos”


Of course he wouldn’t be the first one to do that because there have been others.

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