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It May Start with a Piece of Paper Clip

We may not like what we are reading about tens of billions of pesos of public funds lost that should have been used to build classrooms, roads, hospitals and used to help Filipinos (and for me, the rural folks) have better lives.

The escalation and magnitude of these theft is beyond what we can probably imagine having in this lifetime.

We seethe, we are enraged, our blood boils because of anger at the blatant action of these people who we have elected to office only to plunder the nation’s coffers.

But do you know, sometimes, all these actions may start with a piece of paper clip?

Or a few pieces of bond papers?

What about an envelope, a folder and even pens?

These things are easily pilfered by employees and I do not just mean government employees.

It is easy to get these “little” things and not feel guilty about it because who knows and who probably cares if a paper clip found its way to your bag, or a folder, or an envelope or maybe a red pen “found” its way to one’s bag?

No, this is not corruption. It is called PILFERAGE, or  theft of a few pieces or a small quantity of a relatively large shipment.

Are you guilty of this crime?

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Good Business Sense

There are people who have good business sense and they are able to align their concepts to what is not just the current business fad but for a long-term haul.

There is this family that I know of, because they have a financial management and accounting services based business, they are now into the printing business as well, printing out receipts and other paper-based needs of their clients. Last I heard they now have banner printing services.

This reminded me to make a banner to announce my services too so that I can re-start launching my summer programs ideas.

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Business Terms

Reading up on different terminologies about the financial world is like entering a world where people are speaking in a language I don’t understand. Let me just be clear that it is just me who may be having this feeling. If you feel that too, it makes the two of us then.

Words like cost recovery system, fidelity bonds, accounting rate of return and trade credit sounds a bit alien to me. I want to understand what these terms are and how I may be able to use these in the future. So when my SIL and their cousins talk like accountants do, I have to find something else to focus on.

I am glad I was not tasked to attend the yearly investors/stockholders meeting for my MIL who is currently not in town. Otherwise I might just concentrate on what time the meeting will end :D


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Fancy Bracelets

This is my bracelet a breloques.

This is my daughter’s DIY ring, made up of a craft gem and rolled paper.

I am planning to do a DIY/crafts program for my students this summer and this include making fancy trinkets and jewelry like bracelets, necklace and earrings. I have been canvassing my “suki” where I buy fancy bracelets for the materials I need: charm for bracelet, wires, elastic bands of fish net thread, trinkets and semi-precious stones.

I just wish I would be able to get these materials at a reasonable price without having to go somewhere a bit far like Quiapo or Divisoria.

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Business Cards

I got no business cards as of this moment. In fact I have got no business cards since last year when there was a change in a blog site written on the biz card I have.

Is this important, having business cards with me? Have I lost possible business opportunities/clients because I didn’t have these with me?

I’ve an experience I wouldn’t forget. I went to a movie premiere and when I was about to board the train bound for where I can go home, a certain lady with a little boy asked me if I also watched the movie she obviously watched too.

I said, “yes” I watched the movie that she did.

She handed me her plastic business card and asked if I have one. I said I had none.

She sheepishly (or was it just my perception that her voice changed) asked what my blog name was and I gave it.

Then she asked if I have a Facebook account and if I do, can I like her Facebook page?

Ok, next time, I will have business cards with my name printed on it but I will not give these away like I am giving away free candies. I wouldn’t want to deal with a lot of spam emails and solicitation proposals.

What if I missed a good opportunity for a partnership? If others want my services, even if I don’t have these cards, they’d probably look me up.

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Big Discounts

I asked the hubby to print out vouchers that I plan to use soon because these are expiring early next month.

Two coupons are for a foot/body massage while the other two are for a Japanese Restaurant. I still have another restaurant coupon I won in a raffle draw (yey!) and this needs to be used too.

I am glad we are able to save when we buy deals that interest us. These online discount deals  benefit us who are interested to “shop” and buy deals with the click of the mouse.  Two months ago we ordered music players and these were even delivered at home. (another yey!)

I am pretty sure those who like discount codes for Personal Creations will agree with me.I just wish we have these coupons where we live because I would definitely be shopping more for less.

I hope these online sites will be here for a bit longer so we consumers can save on purchases. As long as the deals are simple and attractive then these sites surely has a long way to go. For me, I ALWAYS read the fine print before clicking on the “buy” button.

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