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Looking Forward to Cool Weather

This is the tree beside the house with more leaves attached to it. These days, the leaves are 50% gone and that means the cool weather will be prevailing for the next two months or so.

Edited Sky Photo

I am looking forward to that except that this kind of weather means more allergy attacks.

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Frogs in the Backyard

I don’t have a garden at home though if I am not too lazy to have one, I have a little space for that. Except for that space where we have our calamansi trees and that little pot where my eggplant grows, all we have is grass.

When the rains are here, our backyard frogs are happy. Yes, we do have real croaking frogs in the backyard, as well as a lot of ants, lol. We don’t get these frogs and throw them away even if I sometimes freak out when they jump near me. I am thinking of getting frog statues so I can get use to them around.

Do you know that frogs are  frogs are good indicators of “trouble in paradise”, meaning ecological imbalance in the ecosystem? Read about some of it here.


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Tiny Grasshopper

grasshopper on yellow flower

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Plant Growth

plant growth on concrete stairs

Amazing how plant growth can happen even on concrete with very little soil to cling on to.

Photo first posted in Instagram.

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Pink Gumamela


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What To Do With Plastic Bottles

If you have plastic water bottles lying around gathering dust, what do you do with these?

Me? I usually give these to Manang, for her to earn a little to help her finances. These plastic beverage bottles along with cereal boxes, egg cartons, plastic bags, and tin cans (just a few tin cans though) I put aside to recycle and give to her, most of the time cleaned already.

This is a good example of what we can do with plastic water bottles:

Plastic water bottles

Nice concept for lighting effects! :)


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