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Nurturing Your Child’s Gifts

Nurturing your child’s gifts is one big responsibility that parents should invest a lot of time with.

Children’s gifts come either naturally or as a result of them emulating their parents (or their parents insisting on them doing things that they have not experienced as children) and these should be developed and yes, nurtured.

Nurturing your child’s gifts does not just make him or her feel confident and able but he/she knows that the support and love of the parents made this possible, coupled with the discipline and ¬†hard work.

Artistically, musically, sports inclined children are just some of the gifts that can be nurtured. For me, having a musically inclined daughter has me scour the web like Musicians friend to see what we can purchase for her to  further improve her talent.

How do you nurture your child’s gifts?

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Guitar Lessons at School

My two children are quiet adept with guitar-playing. One is better than the other in terms of skills because that child has been learning how to play the instrument for three years already while the relatively new guitar student who has composed two guitar pieces started late last year.

Together they ask for a new guitar and even told me to see MF. Which I did.

Turned out they have been scouting the web for a new guitar to use and learn new songs.

Good thing they have guitar lessons in school and we don’t have to pay high fees to be able to have them learn the basics.

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Emergency Kits

We just had another destructive typhoon experience last weekend. This weather disturbance is known as Mario (Fung-Wong).

The fact that it almost came closed to being compared with that of Ondoy or Ketsana that took a lot of lives and destroyed a massive amount of infrastructure, means is it a very big one.

A lot of families places where the floodwater rose five years ago during Ondoy did not experience the same harrowing experience. Some were ready with their emergency kits and extra food.

So, what’s in an emergency kit?

  • OTC meds with expiration date a year or two more
  • Soap and shampoo
  • Candles and matches
  • Flashlight and extra batteries (make sure these are still fresh and have not leaked at all)
  • Towels, extra bedsheet and tissue paper.
  • Extra cash
  • Canned food
  • First-aid kit.

If I missed something I’m sure, merz apothecary can help you with these items I was not able to include.

What we don’t need are the situations that call for the use of these items in the kit. Wouldn’t that be better?

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Getting Better

My youngest child, who learned how to play the guitar through video tutorials is getting better at it.

She now plays with a pot of plucking and not just strums. Her current favorite piece is Thousand Years

Last week she told me to see MF.

She is always on the lookout for good guitar buys for her and her brother’s use in school. They bring guitars for their music subject. Brother signed up for guitar lessons though he now has a beat box which has a class too which he was not able to sign up with.

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Got Guitar?

I like listening to Kina Grannis. who has her songs and does cover songs as well.

Here she is with a must-play piece for guitar players, “Fast Car”, with Boyce Avenue:

With the youngest daughter getting more adept with guitar playing and the son doing well too, I sometimes want to think that this talent they have will enable them to go and confidently do a Send in your application today! in school performances or even outside of it.

In the meantime, their music lessons at school just about meet their needs to hone these skills.

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Pinto Art Museum

I wrote about Pinto Art Museum in this article. I also published posts here and here.

Below are two newer photos I took (and published in an Instagram account I use) when we came back three weeks ago with the children:

Wooden Gate:

Wooden Gate

Lutang. Floating.

Lutang. Floating.

Going up?

Going up?

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