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Jollibee Hash Brown Burger

The kids are adventurous when trying new products and it is not a surprise that they wanted to try JollibeeĀ  Hash Brown Burger. This is a burger patty with baked hash brown as buns. Interesting?

Jollibee Hash Brown Burger

Let’s see what the Hash Brown Burger is made of:

Two baked hash browns with a beef patty, cheese and ketchup in between. I took a wee bite and it felt heavy. Must be very filling, this one.

Jollibee Has Brown Burger

I’m sure all those with big appetite will like this one so much so they will order these burgers plus these desserts as special delivery for grandpa’s birthday




Banana Heart Sisig

Banana Heart Sisig = Sisig Puso ng Saging, this was what the server said this dish is called:

Banana Heart Sisig

This was ordered as accompanying side dish to the star of the meal: Aling Lucing Sisig.


Masuki Siopao

Hands down, Siopao is one my son’s fave food among the many food he prefers. Maybe because it is easy to eat being an almost no-fuss food or maybe because it is a “safe” choice.

Here is a big Masuki siopao he ate all by himself.

Masuki siopao

Read about Masuki Chicken Mami here which best pairs with that ginormous siopao.


Chocolate Chips, Raisins and Banana Bread

Freshly baked Chocolate Chips, Raisins and Banana Bread is FTW!

Chocolate Chips, Raisins and Banana Bread

As with the chocolate chips muffins, these are best eaten when still warm. Please pass the coffee! :)


Crispy Dinuguan from Kanin Club

This is Crispy Dinuguan from Kanin Club (UP-AyalaTechnoHub)

Crispy Dinuguan from Kanin Club

Quite unique because we are used to eating Pork Dinuguan with soft meat. The pork in this Crispy Dinuguan have been cooked with a crunchy texture (yes, ginawang chicharon!). When you order this for takeout, they crispy pork bits are in a different container separated from the sauce.


Potato Wedges

I honestly can’t remember what these are called but since these are potato wedges, that’s what I called these yummies from Caffecino by Dome in Eastwood:

Potato Wedges at Caffecino by Dome

The son “devoured” these potato wedges. He absolutely loved it.


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