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What to do with Chili Fingers

If you are ever in a situation and have a lot of chili fingers, then it is time to make Chili Cheesesticks. Head over to the food blog and see how these are prepped:

Chili Cheesesticks

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Pancit Buko

Here is a pancit buko recipe I posted in the food blog:



This is a better alternative to using dried noodles because the coconut strips are fresh and has more nutrients than dried noodles.

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Cheesy Cheesesticks Dynamite

Easy to do recipe here:


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Goodies in a Jar

I have posted Goodies in a Jar here.

Goodies in a jar is an alternative gift to friends and family if you are short in cash in paying for cheap audio-technica mixers for your musically-inclined family member or friend.

Here are two photos of two different goodies in a jar combination that I will feature in my food blog:

Goodies in a Jar

Raisins, candy-coated chocolate chips, peanuts and pastel marshmallows.

Goodies in a Jar + Baked Goodies

This has the same contents with the first photo except that there are butterscotch bars and oreo cookies in the jar.

You can customize the contents according to the health condition of the ones you are gifting these with.

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Avocado Pudding

I featured some baked avocado fries in this blog.

Below was the photo I used for the blog entry:

avocado fries

My kids remembere the avocado pudding I made before and asked why I haven’t made that again. Why not? The avocado we got from the MIL was used to make “ice cream” meaning mashed avocado + evaporated milk + muscovado sugar, frozen in the freezer. I am the only one eating the stuff.

Avocado pudding is easy to make, just mash the avocado (or use a food processor) and mix in powdered cocoa then chill for a few hours. Ahhh… now I remember and I think I MUST get some new avocados later.

Some use this as base for cheesecake though I still have to try that.

Here are recipes to make for avocado + banana pudding.

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Fresh Juice Drinks

I believe we started the New Year right because we added something new in our food intake: fresh fruit juice everyday.The children drink these fresh fruit juice too and so does the husband.

So far we only missed a weekend of not drinking because we were away at that time.

I still have to feel the benefits and see major changes (hello sexy lingerie, lol/joke) though but one thing for sure, that painful feeling on my shoulder joints are long gone.

For ideas on fresh fruit juice recipes, click here.



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