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Emergency Kits

We just had another destructive typhoon experience last weekend. This weather disturbance is known as Mario (Fung-Wong).

The fact that it almost came closed to being compared with that of Ondoy or Ketsana that took a lot of lives and destroyed a massive amount of infrastructure, means is it a very big one.

A lot of families places where the floodwater rose five years ago during Ondoy did not experience the same harrowing experience. Some were ready with their emergency kits and extra food.

So, what’s in an emergency kit?

  • OTC meds with expiration date a year or two more
  • Soap and shampoo
  • Candles and matches
  • Flashlight and extra batteries (make sure these are still fresh and have not leaked at all)
  • Towels, extra bedsheet and tissue paper.
  • Extra cash
  • Canned food
  • First-aid kit.

If I missed something I’m sure, merz apothecary can help you with these items I was not able to include.

What we don’t need are the situations that call for the use of these items in the kit. Wouldn’t that be better?

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Pancit Buko

Here is a pancit buko recipe I posted in the food blog:



This is a better alternative to using dried noodles because the coconut strips are fresh and has more nutrients than dried noodles.

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Oats in a Jar

Oats in a Jar:

Food Photos


  1. Cook oats as per instructions.
  2. Add milk instead of water.
  3. Put in bottles/jars and refrigerate.
  4. In the morning,add a spoon of yogurt, a little warm milk and the fruit of your choice.
  5. Enjoy your Oats in a Jar breakfast.

So easy to make healthy meals right?

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Hardware Store Loot

I have always been “proud” of the fact that I’d rather go to a hardware store than go to a clothes store. Maybe I was born to be a carpenter, I just don’t know about it nor have my skills been acquired to be one :D

In one of my trips to a hardware store, I got these:

I had hopes to attach these slide under one of the shelves in the home library so I can attach a tray to be pulled and pushed when needed. Sadly, I wasn’t able to put these together, *inserts groan sound here…*

Those online hardware stores that sells 10 inch drawer slides like the linked site are sites I like to look at because when I finally have time to go to a real store, I know what I need to get.



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This is Chichi, our dog. She is an American Pit Bull Terrier.


Contrary to beliefs that pit bulls are wild and fierce, Chichi is a doll. She is sweet and loves to have tummy rubs now and then.

Taking care of Chichi is easy because she is short-haired and does not need a single trip to a dog salon (rolls eyes). She is even-tempered though easily excitable when she sees other animals.

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Looking Forward to Cool Weather

This is the tree beside the house with more leaves attached to it. These days, the leaves are 50% gone and that means the cool weather will be prevailing for the next two months or so.

Edited Sky Photo

I am looking forward to that except that this kind of weather means more allergy attacks.

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