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It May Start with a Piece of Paper Clip

We may not like what we are reading about tens of billions of pesos of public funds lost that should have been used to build classrooms, roads, hospitals and used to help Filipinos (and for me, the rural folks) have better lives.

The escalation and magnitude of these theft is beyond what we can probably imagine having in this lifetime.

We seethe, we are enraged, our blood boils because of anger at the blatant action of these people who we have elected to office only to plunder the nation’s coffers.

But do you know, sometimes, all these actions may start with a piece of paper clip?

Or a few pieces of bond papers?

What about an envelope, a folder and even pens?

These things are easily pilfered by employees and I do not just mean government employees.

It is easy to get these “little” things and not feel guilty about it because who knows and who probably cares if a paper clip found its way to your bag, or a folder, or an envelope or maybe a red pen “found” its way to one’s bag?

No, this is not corruption. It is called PILFERAGE, or  theft of a few pieces or a small quantity of a relatively large shipment.

Are you guilty of this crime?

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Cheesy Cheesesticks Dynamite

Easy to do recipe here:


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Investing is one thing that people with extra cash should do.

Why? Because wise investments keeps your money safe from being used to buy things that are not really necessary in your life.

My MIL invests in the stock market. She has a lot of stocks for more than two decades but it is only now, with online trading that she is perked up her interests.

There’s this person I know who buys gold and silver coins at the susan b anthony dollar at goldeneagle. They put these things in a bank’s safety deposit box for safekeeping along with their jewelry.

Me? I invest in the education of my children :D

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Buffet Eating and Shopping


What does buffet eating and shopping have in common? If you are to eat in a buffet style restaurant, you know, those all-you-can-eat binges that you have been invited to go to or you are paying for, you have to remember a few “rules” as as not to get sick after:

  • If you are going to a lunch buffet, better have a little breakfast so that you don’t feel starved when you get there. Just like shopping, do not shop with an empty stomach nor start with a full one.
  • Make sure you are not in a rush because buffets are best enjoyed slowly, like when you go through musical instruments for sale, taking your time to pick what you think best suits you
  • Do not drink a lot of those artificially sweet drinks, better to have water (not ice cold water) and a cup or two or warm tea
  • Sample a little from each food offerings
  • Do a walk-through, looking at what the food offerings are, much like what you do at the clothes and shoes on display
  • When you feel full, stop eating. In shopping, when you know you got what you wanted, stop. If you don’t you may have to pay for more than you bargained for.
  • Save space, in your stomach and in your budget, for things may come up unexpectedly.



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Good Business Sense

There are people who have good business sense and they are able to align their concepts to what is not just the current business fad but for a long-term haul.

There is this family that I know of, because they have a financial management and accounting services based business, they are now into the printing business as well, printing out receipts and other paper-based needs of their clients. Last I heard they now have banner printing services.

This reminded me to make a banner to announce my services too so that I can re-start launching my summer programs ideas.

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Goodies in a Jar

I have posted Goodies in a Jar here.

Goodies in a jar is an alternative gift to friends and family if you are short in cash in paying for cheap audio-technica mixers for your musically-inclined family member or friend.

Here are two photos of two different goodies in a jar combination that I will feature in my food blog:

Goodies in a Jar

Raisins, candy-coated chocolate chips, peanuts and pastel marshmallows.

Goodies in a Jar + Baked Goodies

This has the same contents with the first photo except that there are butterscotch bars and oreo cookies in the jar.

You can customize the contents according to the health condition of the ones you are gifting these with.

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