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Got Guitar?

I like listening to Kina Grannis. who has her songs and does cover songs as well.

Here she is with a must-play piece for guitar players, “Fast Car”, with Boyce Avenue:

With the youngest daughter getting more adept with guitar playing and the son doing well too, I sometimes want to think that this talent they have will enable them to go and confidently do a Send in your application today! in school performances or even outside of it.

In the meantime, their music lessons at school just about meet their needs to hone these skills.

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RIP Pete Seeger

I must admit I was like who? So when I Googled Pete Seeger, my reaction was “Owww…”

Along with other composers who wrote songs that not just touched the heart but has spanned generations and survived drastic changes, they are not like the so-called singers and composers we see these days

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Daft Punk

Do you like Daft Punk? I do.


In my playlist is Around the World. If I listen to this, I walk faster, “with a spring” so to speak. I think it is also a good music to listen to while brisk walking or running.

Congratulations Daft Punk, on the latest wins, woot!.

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Live Band

Watching a band play live is an experience that people who love music are likely to enjoy.

(Here is a video I uploaded in YouTube)

I know I do because I like to listen to songs being sung live. The adrenalin rush, the adlib, the audience going wild makes me sometimes feel that I am there with them, without being in the crowd.


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