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St Vincent Church

The last time we went to St. Vincent Church, it still had unpainted interiors. Not that that was the last time I went to church, no, lol.

When we went to hear mass there last Sunday, it looked different because of the wall paint as well as the way the lights play on the walls and ceilings.

St. Vincent Church/ Seminary

I would love to see the church with its door closed. I am curious how it looks like and if these massive doors (the doors look heavy and are decorated) have captive knobs.

Photo first posted here.

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Mandarin Oranges

My children love Mandarin Oranges though I prefer the tartness of another variety of these citrus fruits.

Below is a photo of large-sized Mandarin oranges plus a small-sized one that the locals call “kiyat-kiyat or kiat-kiat”.

Mandarin oranges

Photo taken from Manila Chinatown, a week before Chinese New Year.

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Manila Bay Sunset

One of the best sunsets in the world.

Manila Bay sunset

Or so they say. Go to other countries and you will hear that country’s natives say that about their sunsets.

As for me, no matter where I am, a beautiful sunset is a beautiful sunset.

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MMDA Bus Stops A and B

December is the time when registered but no plates rides abound. Car, van, AUV, SUV and even motorcycle dealers sure do have a great time during this month. After-market accessories like motorcycle lifts are also doing brisk sale.

What it will do with traffic is another thing though.

I rarely go through the metro’s main thoroughfare, EDSA. But the Friday before the week before Christmas, we observed how fast we traveled from our place to our destination. I think the ABC bus stops were effective at that time. I am not sure though how the traffic was around a few days before Christmas.

To know more about the MMDA’s EDSA Bus Stop A and B stops, click here.



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Swimming Fun

My kids love swimming.


Even in cold weather, they will gamely dip, splash, dive, float and paddleswim in swimming pools. In the photo below, can you feel the cool weather? In the part with trees, the fog/clouds are slowly making their presence felt. But no fog nor rain can keep these kids from enjoying the cool waters.

I’m sure if our room in this resort had clawfoot bath, they will still enjoy staying in there.

Good thing they always eat healthy food and take their vitamin C supplements, they didn’t get sick from swimming in the cool water.

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Jollibee Breakfast Joys

Hands down, our children love the cheeseburgers from another burger chain but for breakfast, nothing beats Jollibee Breakfast Joys.

So yesterday we had these when it is usually Saturday mornings for this kind of out of the house breakfast date.

Jollibee breakfast joys

I always order the Bangus meal because the other breakfast treats make my tummy feel uncomfortable because of the oil used.

Photo first posted here.

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