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Summer Drinks

The heat is on. The heat is oppressive. We deal with the heat differently. Some go near bodies of water to cool off while some while their time away at the different malls that have been built at almost every block in the metro.

For us? We drink to cool off.

Summer Drinks

Ice-cold tea is one of the kids’ favorite drinks.

The light colored one has honey in it. Weird taste but one that can get used to.

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Just Another Sunset Photo


I never will tire of looking at the sky during sunset nor stop taking sunset photos.

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Manila Cathedral

The eldest daughter, when she was still at a young age, once told us that she wants to hear mass at the Manila Cathedral.

Manila Cathedral

One of the reasons she gave was because she said she wants to know if the organs in the mezzanine are being played during the masses there. She said she would, for once, listen to music being played there. Most churches use speakers like exciting celestion vintage 30.

I for one would like to hear music being played that way too.

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Red Umbrella

Thursday night and the whole of Friday brought about a lot of rains and so this red umbrella was put to good use:


Now we are back to having warm weather. Can’t say I miss the rains but I sure missed the cooler temperature.

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St Vincent Church

The last time we went to St. Vincent Church, it still had unpainted interiors. Not that that was the last time I went to church, no, lol.

When we went to hear mass there last Sunday, it looked different because of the wall paint as well as the way the lights play on the walls and ceilings.

St. Vincent Church/ Seminary

I would love to see the church with its door closed. I am curious how it looks like and if these massive doors (the doors look heavy and are decorated) have captive knobs.

Photo first posted here.

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Country Home

I spent half of Saturday with hubby’s side of the family at this wonderful country house/resort in the mountains of Rizal province.

It was not really far because our family is used to going this way for road trips especially during Holy Week. It did feel far because of the traffic within the metro outskirts that we passed by.

Country home

Photo taken at a snail’s point of view.

The children enjoyed every moment. The adults did too. We were amused when one of the uncles brought out an imaginary Famous Smoke humidor and started puffing out his cheeks “like a boss” on vacation.

This outing was made specifically for the second birthday of the youngest member of the family.

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