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Getting Married in December

Winter weddings are fascinating because of the unpredictability of the weather and the challenge to find the items needed to make the wedding truly an experience one will not forget.

Platinum wedding rings go well with a winter theme like a magical white Christmas wedding where everything is white, cool and subdued.

Of course, getting married when the flowers are in full bloom would be great too.

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Discovery Kids : Wild But True

Discovery Kids Wild but True

Discovery Kids Wild But True featuring Robert Irwin and Isabel Yamazaki will have its initial show on December 2, 2014 5pm

Read more here.

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Contest Alert: Cisco Router and Johnson’s Gift Pack Giveaway

IF I get the most number of respondents in this contest, I get to giveaway the Cisco Linksys E4200 router and I win a gadget too. So please, answer the survey questions, won’t take 3 minutes, so easy to asnwer :)

If you write a relevant caption for my son’s photo collage, you get to win a gift pack from Johnson’s. Caption the photo here. Contest runs till October 21.

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Running (in marathons) has taken up a new level. The craze is like badminton several years ago.

Running is perhaps one of the least expensive sports there is, for a beginner . All you got to do is get a good pair of shoes plus clothes that will not feel heavy and make you sweat buckets, you are good to go.

Investing on a good pair of athletic shoes like mbt shoes or running-specific shoes is a good move.

One can get those wrist watches for time, heart rate monitor, running GPS/camera/camelbacks, music players, sunglasses, at a later stage. This is just my opinion though.

You can run a few blocks in your neighborhood early in the morning or early evening, or even during weekends, no need to pay for any membership fees. Be careful with stray dogs though :D

You can read a lot of websites, talk to people who are into the sport and even join running clinics.

There is a website that lists the schedule of marathons one can join. It is no surprise that two-three or even more are happening every week.

Why, there is even a website that lists the songs in the play lists of runner.

Talks to self: “So, wake up early, gear up and go!” :)

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Graduate Studies

With so many candidates vying for a few choice positions in different corporate offices, having a graduate degree is something that will set a candidate apart from others.

Having a degree in Psychology and an almost completed graduate degree in another field, I have wanted to learn about organizational leadership. Reading further about this, I have been looking for an Organizational development university offering the course. I have to look for a local university of course for convenience.

Anyway, I reviewed the course being offered and I became interested further more about it.

  • forge alliances
  • build hope and contagious confidence
  • inspire a shared vision
  • turn details into action
  • think creatively

The above made me convinced that this is not just a “stepping stone” course but something that will also promote more self-confidence and the ability to understand the different perspectives and the changes happening around us.

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Booo! to Kanye West

Everybody’s been talking about this rude person who calls himself Kanye West.

Boooo! to Kanye West for that uncalled for and rude behavior towards teen Taylor Swift during the MTV VMAs last Sunday. Taylor, go girl!

Crass behavior is something that turns people off. If KW lives in another country, maybe he should start contacting long distance movers before an angry mob get him at his home, lol.

Dissing other people in front of millions of spectators is not just crass, uncalled for and rude, it is downright barbaric and savage.

Clearly, good breeding can’t be bought.

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