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Vine on Rusty Steel



Vegetable salads are expensive when bought from a restaurant so I make my own. I do not even need fancy full of fat dressing, I can eat a bowl of it as it is, without any frills.

In this bowl, the cheese cubes give the salad a salty taste.

vegetable salad


Lighted Candles

Candles are one of the things that make a place look relaxed and cozy.

I for one prefer to have candles for their flickering lights and the shadows they cast look wonderful for me.

We would have decorative candles in our house too but since most of these have scents, that would not be a good idea for me who has allergies to scented things. All we have are functional ones to be lighted when the lights go off :D

Plus, living in a country where the weather can be scorching hot, and where even homes have small industrial fans to ward off the heat, lighted candles are of course, not going to survive the wind from these fans.

But then, maybe I will get those tall clear glasses and put my candles inside so these will not die out.

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Baking Goodies at Home

I have re-discovered the joys of baking simple goodies when the Christmas season came. My children loved the goodies I have been making. They also try to help by mixing the ingredients and checking what has been put into the mixing bowl. As I have written in another post, I cold probably have this as an alternate source of income as home-based business opportunity once I have improved by baking “skills”.

I know my children love what I bake but there is a downside to this trend.

I have gained weight.

Having warm and freshly made bread and muffins every other day is a treat and yes, I have the tendency to get one or two slices more than I should.

Instead of asking for other delectable recipes I might even ask for any weight loss pill suggestions :D

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