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Urban Decay at Dusk

Urban Decay at Dusk

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Debenhams Sale

Last night, when we had an unexpected trip to the mall, I chanced upon a sale on shoes and bags (and clothes too) at Debenhams TriNoma. I was trying to try shoes that should perfectly fit me but I wasn’t able to get a pair. I wasn’t able to get a bag too.

First because the shoe sizes were a tad too big. Second, the bags, I can’t choose which one I like best among 4 choices. Third, the kids were complaining they want to have dinner already. But I didn’t complain when they were choosing their books at the bookstore, lol.

If not for the three factors, the barcode labels of at least a pair (or maybe even two) and a bag would have been scanned for me.

I’m going back tomorrow. *crossing my fingers* I hope I can still get one of those bags I’m eyeing.

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Traffic is always horrible in this side of the planet. This is probably because the shoppers are out in full force. It could be that driver and pedestrians have little or no discipline on the road.


I wonder if these accidents record make it hard for these drivers to get a 5th wheel insurance.

A stalled vehicle on the road means a lot of people in vehicles following will get in trouble for getting in late.

I can’t accept that traffic is already a way of life in the urban centers in this country.

I miss “our” big road where only a handful of us are on the road at any given time. Now we have ginormous trucks weaving in and out of the lanes and most of these are just passing through from the expressway.

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Shoes On Sale

Last Saturday night, the kids and I braved the traffic (good thing it was not that horrendous) to go to TriNoma’s green light sale. Hubby had office that day and he I think purposely parked there so he can easily convince us to go.

We got the younger kids new pairs of rubber shoes for PE. We were supposed to get them “weekend” shoes but got disappointed because the velcro part of one pair was dirty.

The eldest child got a new school bag/backpack because she said the backpack we got her felt big. Turned out the backpack she got was the same size, errr…

When we were there, we had to hold hands to avoid any untoward incident. There was a time I could not see my teen I panicked a bit and called her immediately. We heard emergency calls a few times:

Paging the companion of a lost boy/girl wearing ____ named ______ please proceed to customer service

We weren’t able to see more shops because our youngest wasn’t feeling well. One thing for sure, one of the shops that sell funky clothes with tattoo clothing had a crowd inside.

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Masuki Siopao

Hands down, Siopao is one my son’s fave food among the many food he prefers. Maybe because it is easy to eat being an almost no-fuss food or maybe because it is a “safe” choice.

Here is a big Masuki siopao he ate all by himself.

Masuki siopao

Read about Masuki Chicken Mami here which best pairs with that ginormous siopao.


Are You Happy Classes are Suspended?

Call me a prude but being a mom and a teacher, it pisses me gives me displeasure to read how the young people are HAPPY that classes are suspended.

Come on, classes are suspended because there is storm signal #2 which has a lot of rains and strong winds. And flooding. And flying debris. And falling trees plus MORE homeless people.

“No classes, yey!”

“Party time, classes suspended!”

“I’m taking my sweet time doing this hoping classes will be suspended tomorrow.”

Classes suspended at all levels tomorrow due to strong prayers of students”

Ahem, you don’t need strong prayers for classes to be suspended, save your prayers for those being battered by the strong rains and winds.

FYI: Classes are suspended so that we all could stay at home and be safe.

We can probably do that chore we have been meaning to finish, like organizing our cabinets or Christmas photo cards in the box somewhere in one of the rooms or even try baking some goodies if the electricity is still on.

After we said the grace before meals, the hubby (who came home early in time for dinner, yey) asked me to pray for those being battered by the typhoon, for those who have nowhere to go if they get flooded or if their homes are affected by the weather disturbance.

I hope these people who are happy because classes are suspended think twice and not wait until what is happening to some of our kababayans out there will happen to them too.

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