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Music for Adolescents

I try to be a cool mom. One of the ways I see fit to do this is to listen to the songs they are currently listening to.

For daughters who play the piano, flute and guitar (no formal training except for music lessons with the flute in school) and a husband who is a gifted piano player, music is a part of our family.

I have a teenager, an adolescent son and a pre-adolescent daughter who have earbuds in their ears at times. Their preferences are not the usual pop and dance songs.

I do love their song choices (except for some, lol) because these are exactly the kind of music I prefer at times, a bit loud, fast and noisy.

Sometimes I joke them what could be the singers’ entertainer’s secret and that even if these songs are played over and over and the singers don’t get “tired”. Ok, private joke.

This study that Kids Who Like Unconventional Music More Likely to become Delinquent is a bit disturbing though. I sure do hope that kids who are into these music will not likely be delinquents.

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From Virtual Friends to Real-Life Friends

Last week, I met up with Ibyang and her husband Chris.  Rachel joined us as well as Cess and her lovely daughter S. It was unfortunate that Maver had to beg off due to work so we missed seeing her.

Cafe Mary Grace EB

We all met through blogging along with a lot more friends we have made through the years. I started blogging around late 2005 and met other bloggers a year or so after that and I have been friends with them ever since.

Our background checks were in the form of blogposts, shared bit and pieces in Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

We know a lot about each other, pre-Facebook times, sometimes more than our other friends (and relatives) do.

If there is one thing that I am grateful for that I started blogging is that I met these wonderful people :)



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St Vincent Church

The last time we went to St. Vincent Church, it still had unpainted interiors. Not that that was the last time I went to church, no, lol.

When we went to hear mass there last Sunday, it looked different because of the wall paint as well as the way the lights play on the walls and ceilings.

St. Vincent Church/ Seminary

I would love to see the church with its door closed. I am curious how it looks like and if these massive doors (the doors look heavy and are decorated) have captive knobs.

Photo first posted here.

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Goodies in a Jar

I have posted Goodies in a Jar here.

Goodies in a jar is an alternative gift to friends and family if you are short in cash in paying for cheap audio-technica mixers for your musically-inclined family member or friend.

Here are two photos of two different goodies in a jar combination that I will feature in my food blog:

Goodies in a Jar

Raisins, candy-coated chocolate chips, peanuts and pastel marshmallows.

Goodies in a Jar + Baked Goodies

This has the same contents with the first photo except that there are butterscotch bars and oreo cookies in the jar.

You can customize the contents according to the health condition of the ones you are gifting these with.

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Looking Up

We love to look up whenever we are under trees. And why not? It is quite a different experience to see the sunshine through the leaves and feel the cool breeze on your face and feel lost on the maze made by the branches of the trees.

Looking Up

Looking up a tree at Dusk.

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Science Projects

Science being taught in school is exciting. The children get to experiment with a lot of things where some of the questions they have about the things happening around them are being answered.

I remember when we were still homeschooling: Science is one of the subject matter area that the children are looking forward to doing everyday.

Take for example today. My eldest child is going to a hardware store to buy some materials for an experiment: mirrors, digital ph meter, some glass slides among other things.

All around us is about Science and if we teach our children these things, then they not only learn but we get to pique their curiosities to learn more.

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