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Pancit Buko

Here is a pancit buko recipe I posted in the food blog:



This is a better alternative to using dried noodles because the coconut strips are fresh and has more nutrients than dried noodles.

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From Virtual Friends to Real-Life Friends

Last week, I met up with Ibyang and her husband Chris.  Rachel joined us as well as Cess and her lovely daughter S. It was unfortunate that Maver had to beg off due to work so we missed seeing her.

Cafe Mary Grace EB

We all met through blogging along with a lot more friends we have made through the years. I started blogging around late 2005 and met other bloggers a year or so after that and I have been friends with them ever since.

Our background checks were in the form of blogposts, shared bit and pieces in Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

We know a lot about each other, pre-Facebook times, sometimes more than our other friends (and relatives) do.

If there is one thing that I am grateful for that I started blogging is that I met these wonderful people :)



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Server Down

One of those things that gives the husband a big headache is this message: SERVER DOWN.

He has spent countless late nights on site and more late nights till early morning sessions with his laptop working from home because of this problem. This server down is just one of the problems he has to deal with along with controlling the social media sites that employees love to login to plus a myriad of other technology-based problems they encounter everyday.

I suggested they use attendance tracking software from Gneil if in case they need such help. he said he will look into it.

This is something to ponder when technology-based work is involved: do we want to go back to when things were being done “manually” and not be afraid of having to deal with technology sabotage of important work documents and details?

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Goodies in a Jar

I have posted Goodies in a Jar here.

Goodies in a jar is an alternative gift to friends and family if you are short in cash in paying for cheap audio-technica mixers for your musically-inclined family member or friend.

Here are two photos of two different goodies in a jar combination that I will feature in my food blog:

Goodies in a Jar

Raisins, candy-coated chocolate chips, peanuts and pastel marshmallows.

Goodies in a Jar + Baked Goodies

This has the same contents with the first photo except that there are butterscotch bars and oreo cookies in the jar.

You can customize the contents according to the health condition of the ones you are gifting these with.

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Congratulations Seb!

My husband is a big Formula 1 fan. Now, our son is a bigger fan than his father :D

If they miss the live race, they will watch for replays. The son keeps tabs on the scores, not just for the current season but with other seasons as well. He is after all, a statistician even when he was way younger.

2012 Formula 1 season is a very exciting season and with only three points ahead of Fernando Alonso, Sebastian Vettel wins his third Formula 1 Grand Prix championship.

Sebastian Vettel 2012 Formula1 Champion

Photo source.

Here are two photos I took a few weeks ago while they are watching livestream.



This sleep deprived mom was up till 2am on a school night to keep an eye on the boy who was also up and bent on not missing the final race of the season which he has religiously followed from the beginning. Sigh…

I just hope he gets some sleep in the school bus.

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Got Instagram?

Follow me! :D

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