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Homeless NY Father Finds Daughter Through Twitter

Homeless NY Father Finds Daughter Through Twitter says the headline I read in one of the first sites that announced this good news this morning. father is Mr. Danny Morales who found his daughter through Twitter in a project called Underheard in New York.

Underheard in New York is a project where homeless people are given a prepaid mobile phone to keep a record of their lives.

Mr. Morales posted a photo of his daughter Sarah Rivera in Twitter.

Certainly good news for loved ones who have not been in touched with each other for years.

I’m sure people who read their story were moved to tears. Who would have thought technology, specifically social media, would be the way for long lost loved ones to see each other again. Continue Reading »

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Ted Williams

Ted Williams, the golden-voiced former homeless man is one inspiring story for the start of a new year.

Of course, what he came to be by way of drugs and alcohol is not at all something that is inspiring but because he has a talent, a “golden voice” that captivated millions of people, Ted Williams was given great opportunities for another chance to be a better person.

We need inspiring real-life stories such as this to lift our spirits and be challenged to do more than we can.

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Lady Gaga YouTube One Billion Hits

No doubt about it, Lady Gaga with one billion hits  on YouTube has got to be the most watched personality online.

Someone asked me why Lady Gaga is so popular. I can’t remember what I answered exactly but I said I think she is very popular because her songs are dance-able and easy to remember. The fact that her fashion sense borders on the ridiculous if not atrocious makes her even interesting.

Frankly, I don’t even know how she looks like without her make-up unless I Google her name and look at her photos.

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Guatemala Sinkhole

People are talking about the recent shocking disaster known as the Guatemala sinkhole had everyone buzzing about the word.

Even my young children Googled the word sinkhole to read more about these phenomena. We (yes, I had to see what they were watching) even watched videos of places with sinkholes.It was sad to see homes falling in sinkholes and people perishing from these disasters.

I just hope nothing like this will happen soon.

Here is a list of the Top 10 Amazing Sinkholes (site cited by my eldest daughter)

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This Is It World Premiere

Today marks the international launch of the  two-week showing of “This is It” featuring Michael Jackson.

We haven’t made plans yet to watch but I am excited to say the least.

I am sure a lot of people took advantage of the first day to watch, especially since tickets have been sold in advance several weeks ago.

I wonder if the ticket counter sales clerks are scrambling to use their handy weapons before patrons who will part with their money. The weapon? why a  barcode scanner of course :D

My son is a self-confessed fan of the late pop icon. Yeah even if he just heard of and saw MJ at the time of his death. Never say too late.

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