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Roses and Kisses, a Red Ribbon Valentine’s Day cake


Roses and Kisses Cake, a Red Ribbon Valentine’s Day Cake

Roses and Kisses Cake, Red Ribbon Valentine's Day Cake

Sugar roses (yes, these are edible!) and Hershey’s milk chocolate Kisses come together in a unique heart-shaped chocolate pound cake with chocolate fudge filling sprinkled with chocolate chips.

Hurry pre-order these Red Ribbon Roses and Kisses cakes.

These cakes will be made available on February 12 – 14, 2009. You can however pre-order beginning today until February 9, 2010 to have your loved one’s name on it.

Price: PhP330.00

Roses and Kisses Cake from Red Ribbon

A different idea: for those wanting to propose their love to their loved one can give this cake as a gift and a carrier of something else. Wouldn’t it be nice to see loose diamonds on a ring on top of the cake? :D Woot!


Mojos and Garlic Dip


Mojos and zesty garlic dip from Shakey’s.

Mojos and Zesty garlic dip

An absolute favorite of the kids. I admit I like it too (with ketchup and chili sauce) if not for the “deep fried” part. Anything deep-fried is a no-no to me :(

This is a wonderful side dish as long as the slices are well done and crispy and not soggy.

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2010 Project 365

I have decided to make a 2010 Project 365 in this blog.

To those who just happened to drop by, please visit my entries here.

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5,845 Dishes Cooked with Kraft Eden Cheese


Last month, I blogged about Kraft Eden cheese and the goal to cook 5,000 dishes to top India for the Guinness world record for the most number of dishes cooked.

5,845 Dishes Cooked with Kraft Eden cheese

And they did! 5,845 dishes cooked with cheese, woohoo! So we show the world that we Filipinos are cheesy, huh?

Cheese tart (I think)

Check the Kraft Eden YUMM Sarap ng Buhay site for some cooking ideas and if you want to contribute a recipe. Mine is the cheesy turon :)

Now I am off to read about NC health insurance as a favor for a friend ;)

Oh by the way, do we have FF next Friday?


Nestle Crunch Chocolate Bar

Nestle Crunch.

Simple, sweet and we love it.

Oh well, we love chocolates so this is no exception :)

Nestle Crunch

What about you?


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