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Orange Flowers

Typhoon Mina is currently battering the northern side of the country with “Maximum sustained winds of 165 kph near the center and Gustiness of up to 200 kph”.

I’m sure the wind spinners are up there are going round and round wildly, if they are still standing up.

This same weather disturbance gave us a hard time when I went with my youngest child on her field trip to Pampnga last Wednesday. We had to endure the alternating rain shower and sun shine which gave me a headache. Gah! Good thing she has an almost water-proof jacket to wear because I, the super mom, forgot to bring an umbrella.

Anyway, I took a few flower photos when we visited and this is one of the photos that I like albeit the flowers are orange!

orange flowers

I love flower photos like this one. FYI, am not particularly fond of orange and I like this not because I was the one who took the photo. I know that anyone with a camera can take this kind of photo, right?


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Summer Visit

I can’t wait to go to hubby’s family home down South to visit my MIL, hubby’s grandma and aunt.

When the kids had their month-long summer vacation there, they loved spending time in the garden and rooftop room where the air is cool.


Their house is a bit new, with wooden cabin furniture and white walls. The windows are always open to let the cool breeze in the house, something we don’t do here where we live. Here’s why.


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Trellis Lamps

trellis lamps


Spiky Bud

Spiky Bud




On the Wooden Swing

One of the things that children do not experience these days is going to the park to play, well, at least, where we live. One either has to live in a gated community with complete amenities like a clubhouse and a playground or one has to go to malls and pay to play in these playgrounds. Most of the children around us do not have readily have access to a park or a playground. They usually play on the streets when school is out.

As a child, I remember going to the park at the plaza, the one in front of the church. My favorite spot was where the swings were located. I loved sitting on the swing, holding on tightly to the chains and kicking the ground to hoist myself up and down, feeling the wind on my face and on my hair.

Didn’t Robert Louis Stevenson write in a poem The Swing:

How do you like to go up in a swing?
Up in the air so blue?
Oh, I do think it the pleasantest thing
Ever a child can do!

I would like to have my own garden one day with wooden swing sets. Even if I would not be able to swing as swiftly and as strong as I used to, I would still sit on my swing and spend quiet moments with my love ones. I have seen several gardens where there are wooden swing sets which are just there as decorations and this saddens me so. Swings should be sat on, used and not used as decorations.

Would you like to sit on a wooden swing?

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