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Christmas Eve Window Shopping

I don’t know what has gotten into us the day before Christmas but we decided to go to this business center where bazaars are a-plenty. I was planning to get some colorful beads to make bracelets but I was extremely disappointed. This low building where I used to see the beads being sold are now just selling smartphones and tablets cases and protective screen covers. Shows just what the people are buying for themselves.

There were also stalls that sell “imitation” tablets and smartphones with a known manufacturer’s brand on the gadgets. I don’t know if it is even legal to do that kind of business. But then again, people were buying these things.

One of the stores where a lot of people go to are those that sell speakers, music players, and karaoke gadgets.

We just bought a guitar capo for the daughter and asked about beatboxes which the boy is interested in.

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