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Running During Weekends

Hubby has set his sights on running during weekends. In fact, he is even considering signing up for running events this summer and this enthusiasm has rubbed on the children so much that they have their new sets of running shoes.

I know running is good and I am willing to try it out too.

For now, we are on the look out for other means to physically exercise even when we can’t run. I know we have this Theraband Ball which I am sitting on right now but could have other purposes if I am creative enough to use it for its sole purposes.

Kettlebells are worth looking into too, if you ask me.

Or I may have to get some of those empty water containers we have, fill it up with water for a little bit of weight lifting.

Anything is possible and I hope when I finish writing this post, I will muster enough will power to do these things :D

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  1. Marites on 19 Mar 2009 at 2:38 pm 1

    it’s a good idea that parents exercise too as they actually pass the practise to their kids. I did some running too and would have continued if only my left foot stop developing a lump after each long run.

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