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Paper Flowers

One of the things that the daughters are good at is doing crafts and music.

Below are paper flowers that the youngest daughter, Bunso, did for school. The eldest one, Ate,  is crafty too but she is a bit busy in school and doesn’t have time to sit down and create wonderful stuff.

paper flowers

Bunso is a guitar player who is asking for a bigger acoustic guitar and a folding music stand. Although she doesn’t really read notes because she mostly relies on her memory to play songs, I think she wants to look “professional”. Ate is a piano player, taking after the man of the hosue.

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She Wants a Full Size Guitar

The youngest child said she wants a full-size guitar for Christmas because she plans to “retire” her small guitar which she got two years ago.

So we are on the lookout for one that will sound good and not put a dent on the Christmas gift budget. Something like rogue a-90 at guitar center

Wish lists like these are not hard to say no to, especially if the one asking for the wish works hard enough to do wonderful things with the gift.



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The Cat Painter

Here is my son as Rahal, The Cat Painter (unblurred face), in a play adapted from The Cat Painter book by Becky Bravo.


Last month was his third year to play the part as Rahal when the cast performed at a different school. They were warmly received and I need not say that I am proud of him.


If There is a Will…

I know I’ve written so much about my guitar playing daughter and why not, I am proud to say that she can play even without formal guitar lessons, thanks to YouTube guitar tutorials :D It really proves that if there is a will (or in her case, a desire to learn), there are ways to get that will into fruition.

There was one person who said my child is a “musical genius”, not that she plays that well compared to others her age who have gone through formal lessons. I know she is not  a musical genius (the husband maybe, with the keyboards, hehe) but being self-taught, she has not just shown self-learning at its best but she showed tenacity and determination in achieving her goals even without assistance.

That is probably enough to get her a epiphone les paul traditional pro at musicians friend some day, wink, wink.

Now that is a trait we want our children to have.

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This Schoolyear

Time sure flies by so fast and now we have a college freshman.

I know this is an exciting time for the daughter and there would be times when testing the waters to see how far she can go and what she can achieve on her own will be put to test.

As for this school year, not only was the wallet getting thin so to speak, the hairline gets thinner too, and whiter if I may say so. The daily expenses, the school supplies, the books she needs to purchase (not sure where to get used college books so we just let her buy new ones, argh.

There are just so many requirements for college. One thing that makes me feel comfortable is the fact that the daughter brings to school food cooked from home.

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Music for Adolescents

I try to be a cool mom. One of the ways I see fit to do this is to listen to the songs they are currently listening to.

For daughters who play the piano, flute and guitar (no formal training except for music lessons with the flute in school) and a husband who is a gifted piano player, music is a part of our family.

I have a teenager, an adolescent son and a pre-adolescent daughter who have earbuds in their ears at times. Their preferences are not the usual pop and dance songs.

I do love their song choices (except for some, lol) because these are exactly the kind of music I prefer at times, a bit loud, fast and noisy.

Sometimes I joke them what could be the singers’ entertainer’s secret and that even if these songs are played over and over and the singers don’t get “tired”. Ok, private joke.

This study that Kids Who Like Unconventional Music More Likely to become Delinquent is a bit disturbing though. I sure do hope that kids who are into these music will not likely be delinquents.

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