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Bathroom Vanity Corner

Who wouldn’t want to have a bathroom vanity corner like this? (Can you spot me?)

Bathroom vanity corner

I sure do know I’d love, love, love to have this so I am always on the lookout for that perfect and inexpensive bathroom vanities.

Though I am not much an every-minute-I-have-to-look-at-myself-in-the-mirror type nor am I a makeup aficionado (sorry, I do not want to put too much chemicals on my skin), having this vanity corner would surely make me feel pretty and pampered :D

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Contest Alert: Win a Johnson’s Gift Pack

You can win a Johnson’s gift pack in a few easy steps

  1. “LIKE”  Johnson’s Baby World of Firsts Facebook Page.
  2. Click my entry: Teacher Julie: Johnson’s My Kid’s growing Up So Fast
  3. Give a unique and relevant caption for the first photo
  4. Comments written from October 8 till October 21 are valid if they did #1 and qualified to win a gift pack from Johnson’s.

So, what are you waiting for? Do go to my blog post and comment away :)


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Skin Care Expert Talk

I came from an intimate bloggers event where the main speaker was a skin care expert. No, she didn’t talk specifically about how to get rid of pimples but about skin and aging of which I am very much so interested, thank you!

I admit, this is something we have to live with when we are older and wiser. The talk about moisturizers, skin care and use of sunscreen was interesting. I met some beauty bloggers too. And no, I don’t fancy myself as one, LOL.

Can’t wait to write my post about this and try the new product myself.


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Summer Skin Care

The heat is on. And yes, aside from the usual rashes when it’s hot, I have a minor breakout on the face with two big zits. Ugh. Someone suggested I use acnepril. I have been drinking lots of water these days and steering clear away from soda. Yeah, I know, it IS hard.

Skin care during summer means doing the following:

  • Use water-based moisturizer to help nourish the skin.
  • Use sunscreen.
  • Put on lip balm to avoid drying of the lips
  • Use clothes that will minimize exposure to the sun
  • Avoid being outdoors between 10am and 3pm
  • Avoid clothes that irritate your skin. Instead wear something light.

Misting yourself with a spray bottle is also a good idea. Taking good care of your skin is not only for vanity’s sake but for your protection and health too.

Have a happy summer!

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My YSA Diamond Peel Ensogo Voucher Experience

I haven’t written a blog post about my PhP312 YSA Diamond Peel voucher which I bought through Ensogo. Ensogo is one of the many online discount voucher sellers. YSA is a chain of dermatological services clinics in Metro Manila.


My YSA Diamond Peel experience was good since I didn’t feel the service was short-changed because we only paid for a third of the original price.

I learned a few things when I claimed this service:

  • Don’t wait till the last day to go. I did and there were already a lot of people who are lined up before me. I was the fifth client.
  • Be early. I was early, around 10am but four others were earlier.
  • Be prepared to get bored. I brought along a netbook and went online while I waited for an hour and a half for my turn.
  • Be courteous. There was one client who came in around 11:30am and ranted on and on because she and her 4 other companions will have their turn around 4pm. They can’t go anywhere because they have to wait there. Turned out they had packed lunch in their car. LOL.
  • Be prepared to feel a little pain, especially from the pricking. I don’t use blackhead remover so I guess the staff had a hard time removing those dirt on my big nose.

I ask if I have wrinkles and the staff who serviced me said no, I don’t have wrinkles yet. Yey! But wait! I do have some itty bitty warts starting to make themselves be seen, ugh!


Acne Alert

One of my students asked me to go online and help him look for acne remedies. This was because he got a big zit on his nose :D

So ok, we read through a lot of sites including among other sites.

From our readings, we discussed how personal hygiene, importance of sleep and rest and proper nutrition all play big roles in keeping the skin blemish free.

And yes, keeping the hands/fingers off the zit is also just as important :D

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