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Pinto Art Museum

I wrote about Pinto Art Museum in this article. I also published posts here and here.

Below are two newer photos I took (and published in an Instagram account I use) when we came back three weeks ago with the children:

Wooden Gate:

Wooden Gate

Lutang. Floating.

Lutang. Floating.

Going up?

Going up?

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Dream Vacation

I have a not-so-short bucket list of the wonderful places I want to visit before I breathe my last breath:

  • Grand Canyon
  • Mesa verde
  • Death Valley
  • Yosemite National Park
  • Puget Sound
  • Acadia National Park
  • Vermont
  • Morocco
  • Iceland

I know naming these places seem so far out of my reach but as long as one is alive, one can dream, right? Even just ONE, just ONE from the list will be good enough for me.

With regards to choosing hotel accommodation though, I choose to go all-out though and that would have to be THE Bellagio Las Vegas

Why so?

I want to watch the Fountains on the Strip where about a thousand fountains dance to music and light.

Cirque du Soleil weaves an aquatic tapestry of artistry, surrealism and theatrical romance in the timeless production, “O”.

With newly, renovated rooms, I am sure a stay in the guests rooms with pillowtop mattresses, down comforters, marble and wood bathroom vanities, among others, will make the travel, the stay (and the bill!) worth it.

There’s another adventure I would like to try while in Vegas, and no, not the slots machines nor the casinos but Cowboy Trail Rides! Not that I am a good rider, nope I’m not but to see the the natural beauty of the place like Red Rock Canyon and Fossil Ridge are some things I would like to try. What better way to cap these trail rides and rest these tired bones while staying at Bellagio Hotel.

I am not optimistic these travels would happen, in fact, these may not happen at all except in my mind. But who knows, maybe some day when all the children are done with school, my hubby and I can indulge in something for ourselves :)



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Swimming Fun

My kids love swimming.


Even in cold weather, they will gamely dip, splash, dive, float and paddleswim in swimming pools. In the photo below, can you feel the cool weather? In the part with trees, the fog/clouds are slowly making their presence felt. But no fog nor rain can keep these kids from enjoying the cool waters.

I’m sure if our room in this resort had clawfoot bath, they will still enjoy staying in there.

Good thing they always eat healthy food and take their vitamin C supplements, they didn’t get sick from swimming in the cool water.

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I Miss Going to Picnics

I have always, always wanted a foldable picnic table.


In fact when I was looking for a table to be used in the room where I teach, I have been partial, no, drawn towards those with foldable legs and/or can be folded in half and table legs folded under.

We don’t always go on picnics because my family always wake up late during Sundays but there’s no harm in getting ready so we can go have one ┬áif they decide to wake up early, right? Right. wishful thinking.

I hope they will indulge my whim to go on one next weekend because it is my son and I’s birthday weekend ;)

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Lumbang Church Marker

Lumban Church Marker

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Orange Flowers

Typhoon Mina is currently battering the northern side of the country with “Maximum sustained winds of 165 kph near the center and Gustiness of up to 200 kph”.

I’m sure the wind spinners are up there are going round and round wildly, if they are still standing up.

This same weather disturbance gave us a hard time when I went with my youngest child on her field trip to Pampnga last Wednesday. We had to endure the alternating rain shower and sun shine which gave me a headache. Gah! Good thing she has an almost water-proof jacket to wear because I, the super mom, forgot to bring an umbrella.

Anyway, I took a few flower photos when we visited and this is one of the photos that I like albeit the flowers are orange!

orange flowers

I love flower photos like this one. FYI, am not particularly fond of orange and I like this not because I was the one who took the photo. I know that anyone with a camera can take this kind of photo, right?


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