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Old Monitor Can Still Be Used

Yep, you read it right, old monitors can still be used. The hubby devised a way to use the big, old monitor was used to use as an extension of the laptop.

Using a cable he hooks to the laptop, he can simultaneously play a game and do work using two monitors. Kewl.

Here is a crappy photo of the setup:

Using an Old CRT Monitor

The son uses that setup too, watching an online streaming and looking at the other monitor for the real time stats of the motor sports he is watching.

The youngest daughter uses said setup too when she is learning new musical pieces. We just need to get a monitor stand for her though.

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RIP Pete Seeger

I must admit I was like who? So when I Googled Pete Seeger, my reaction was “Owww…”

Along with other composers who wrote songs that not just touched the heart but has spanned generations and survived drastic changes, they are not like the so-called singers and composers we see these days

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Daft Punk

Do you like Daft Punk? I do.

A question asked about cool cornet mouthpiece with a friend diverted to talking about Daft Punk which we both like.

In my playlist is Around the World. If I listen to this, I walk faster, “with a spring” so to speak. I think it is also a good music to listen to while brisk walking or running.

Congratulations Daft Punk, on the latest wins, woot!.

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Pinto Art Museum

I wrote about Pinto Art Museum in this article. I also published posts here and here.

Below are two newer photos I took (and published in an Instagram account I use) when we came back three weeks ago with the children:

Wooden Gate:

Wooden Gate

Lutang. Floating.

Lutang. Floating.

Going up?

Going up?

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Cool Weather

We have been having an unusually cool weather these days and needless to say, I am loving everyday of it! Maybe the reason why I am not too prone to allergy attacks is because I have been consistently having fresh vegetables and fruit juices.

Gray sky

Below 20s is definitely something we can live with so I try not to think how hot and humid and difficult it would be to go out of the house and suffer the stifling heat. Good thing there is online shopping these days when one needs supplies for whatever reason and these can be easily found.

Two to three weeks more of this lovely weather before the heat comes back. Argh.

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Live Band

Watching a band play live is an experience that people who love music are likely to enjoy.

(Here is a video I uploaded in YouTube)

I know I do because I like to listen to songs being sung live. The adrenalin rush, the adlib, the audience going wild makes me sometimes feel that I am there with them, without being in the crowd.

It makes me wonder though if these bands have extra strings (like addario strings at Musicians Friend) just in case guitar strings get broken. Or also extra drum sticks just in case.

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