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Red Umbrella

Thursday night and the whole of Friday brought about a lot of rains and so this red umbrella was put to good use:


Now we are back to having warm weather. Can’t say I miss the rains but I sure missed the cooler temperature.

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St Vincent Church

The last time we went to St. Vincent Church, it still had unpainted interiors. Not that that was the last time I went to church, no, lol.

When we went to hear mass there last Sunday, it looked different because of the wall paint as well as the way the lights play on the walls and ceilings.

St. Vincent Church/ Seminary

I would love to see the church with its door closed. I am curious how it looks like and if these massive doors (the doors look heavy and are decorated) have captive knobs.

Photo first posted here.

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Mandarin Oranges

My children love Mandarin Oranges though I prefer the tartness of another variety of these citrus fruits.

Below is a photo of large-sized Mandarin oranges plus a small-sized one that the locals call “kiyat-kiyat or kiat-kiat”.

Mandarin oranges

Photo taken from Manila Chinatown, a week before Chinese New Year.

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Manila Bay Sunset

One of the best sunsets in the world.

Manila Bay sunset

Or so they say. Go to other countries and you will hear that country’s natives say that about their sunsets.

As for me, no matter where I am, a beautiful sunset is a beautiful sunset.

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Concert Scene

We missed two concerts this week that we would have loved to watch.

The James Morrison concert last Tuesday was one. Well, mostly, that would be me who wanted to watch it. I am sure I’d love listening to this guy live, whether he is just playing his acoustic guitar or if there are super mixers used for his songs.

Here is James Morrison:

Last night’s Wilson Phillips concert was also one concert we shouldn’t have missed. So to pass the night, the hubby and I just listened to their songs in YouTube. Even the kids liked their singing style.

Here is a video of Wilson Phillips “Hold On”

Enjoy their singing!

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Emergency Kit

The inclement weather condition during the past two weeks had been horrible. The children stayed at the MIL’s home for safety reasons. When the flood waters weren’t scary yet as seen in the news reports, we were even joking that we need to get emergency¬†items¬†like more flashlights, big floaters, a big inflatable boat, a kayak (my idea lol) and first aid kit in a waterproof container. Throw in liquid image summit series goggles and we are ready to face the flood water should these dare inside the property this time.

Now, if only we are going swimming instead.

Mindanao Avenue

Photo first posted here.

Kidding aside, the fear that these waters will rise again (it did last week except our street was not flooded, so yey!) is no joke. A few hours of heavy rains and the husband is telling me to get the children’s things ready so that they can be brought to their family home.

It is a tiring feeling, that feeling that if the rains are bad, we may not be “lucky” like the last time.

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