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Texas Drought Exposes Historical Artifacts

I was reading about HCG weight loss Austin when I checked tweets and clicked about Texas drought.

I was amazed.

Imagine seeing graves, historical artifacts like ancient tools and a prehistoric skull among other things. This town in Bluffon had a lake that revealed concrete foundations of a two-story hotel, scales of an old cotton gin, a rusting tank and burial sites.

I hope those whose livelihood were affected would be able to get back on their feet.

Note to self: try to see whether we can visit that site that got underwater after a volcanic eruption and lahar flooding in our home province.



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What To Do With Plastic Bottles

If you have plastic water bottles lying around gathering dust, what do you do with these?

Me? I usually give these to Manang, for her to earn a little to help her finances. These plastic beverage bottles along with cereal boxes, egg cartons, plastic bags, and tin cans (just a few tin cans though) I put aside to recycle and give to her, most of the time cleaned already.

This is a good example of what we can do with plastic water bottles:

Plastic water bottles

Nice concept for lighting effects! :)


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Big Discounts

I asked the hubby to print out vouchers that I plan to use soon because these are expiring early next month.

Two coupons are for a foot/body massage while the other two are for a Japanese Restaurant. I still have another restaurant coupon I won in a raffle draw (yey!) and this needs to be used too.

I am glad we are able to save when we buy deals that interest us. These online discount deals  benefit us who are interested to “shop” and buy deals with the click of the mouse.  Two months ago we ordered music players and these were even delivered at home. (another yey!)

I am pretty sure those who like discount codes for Personal Creations will agree with me.I just wish we have these coupons where we live because I would definitely be shopping more for less.

I hope these online sites will be here for a bit longer so we consumers can save on purchases. As long as the deals are simple and attractive then these sites surely has a long way to go. For me, I ALWAYS read the fine print before clicking on the “buy” button.

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Contest Alert: Win a Johnson’s Gift Pack

You can win a Johnson’s gift pack in a few easy steps

  1. “LIKE”  Johnson’s Baby World of Firsts Facebook Page.
  2. Click my entry: Teacher Julie: Johnson’s My Kid’s growing Up So Fast
  3. Give a unique and relevant caption for the first photo
  4. Comments written from October 8 till October 21 are valid if they did #1 and qualified to win a gift pack from Johnson’s.

So, what are you waiting for? Do go to my blog post and comment away :)


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Pursue Further Studies

The brother (like I have another one, I don’t) is currently taking his graduate studies. He told me that this summer, he needs to find a workplace where he can practice what he has learned and learn to do as well as delegate well Technical Recruiting Jobs. He is majoring in industrial psychology.

I once was a graduate school student, grappling with so many things to read with so little time. I studied while I was already teaching preschool.

It was not an easy task, juggling with doing lesson plans and doing a lot of research and writing a lot of papers. It was not easy then because we didn’t have the web to run to when researching nor was I able to afford a laptop at that time to be able to encode my research papers (yes, I mean it, lol)  whenever I have free time. It was my hubby who did that for me then :D

To pursue further studies is good because one is given opportunities to make better choices, learn new things and have a network of professionals that they can work with.

To the students out there, although lessons are best learned outside the four walls of the classroom, it is also good to pursue further studies.

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Philips Music Combo from CashCash Pinoy

Around two weeks ago,  I signed up with Cash Cash Pinoy because the site was offering a good deal: Philips music combo package consisting Philips Sound Machine and a 2gb Go Gear. The hubby and I were planning to get a Go Gear for the younger kids since our eldest child’s Go Gear is still in good condition even after 4 or 5 years since we purchased it. Yeah, we have brand loyalty because earphones she uses are also made by Philips.

The Philips package consisted of Philips CD Portable SoundMachine (Silver) + Philips GoGear Mix MP3 Player 2GB for only PhP3125.00. If I remember it right, the eldest child’s Go Gear was bought at PhP2,500.00 so I thought since we were buying another one, why not get this deal instead?

Hubby said yes and so I signed up and purchased the deal along with two more deals for a restaurant.

Hubby made an over the counter payment at a bank the next day and I immediately emailed the numbers seen in the deposit slips as per instructions. I got an email confirming my purchases.

Last week, I printed the voucher and asked the hubby if he can get the package on Tuesday at their Antel Makati office since he has to go to an office near that building. I gave him my PRC identification card but did not give him an authorization letter. So he went home empty-handed. He was promised that the package will be delivered the next day (Wednesday).

He brought the email, my ID and finally an authorization letter from me to the delivery address AKA MIL’s house early Wednesday morning.

I was there on Thursday but no package came. Sad :(

I emailed the site on their facebook page as well as in their official site telling them I am expecting the package because they promised delivery on a Wednesday, and it’s Friday morning already.

After a Friday lunch with my friends, I arrived at my MIL’s house with my student waiting for me AND the package waiting to be opened that has a note that says: “R_____, please prioritize”.

Yey! Finalleh!

The recipients of the Philips Music Combo were all very happy.

So what’s my next CashCash Pinoy purchase? archery supplies at stickemearchery? art supplies? ballet lessons? I’m looking at a spa deal right now because I think I may need these after the exam months.

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