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5,845 Dishes Cooked with Kraft Eden Cheese


Last month, I blogged about Kraft Eden cheese and the goal to cook 5,000 dishes to top India for the Guinness world record for the most number of dishes cooked.

5,845 Dishes Cooked with Kraft Eden cheese

And they did! 5,845 dishes cooked with cheese, woohoo! So we show the world that we Filipinos are cheesy, huh?

Cheese tart (I think)

Check the Kraft Eden YUMM Sarap ng Buhay site for some cooking ideas and if you want to contribute a recipe. Mine is the cheesy turon :)

Now I am off to read about NC health insurance as a favor for a friend ;)

Oh by the way, do we have FF next Friday?


Philippine Political Scene

The Philippine political scene is so colorful and interesting these days. So many wannabe presidents (and VPs too) for an election that is bound to happen (i am praying that it will).

With the country facing a lot of recovery and rehabilitation process now and in the years to come, it is a wonder anybody in his or her right mind would want to run the country.

Even before the candidates are to proclaim their candidacies, we have been bombarded with what-nots: streamers, Facebook and Twitter accounts, real and imagined, have exposure offering services which includes a cheap hour of free internet time to appearing in costly prime time airtime exposures.

I would not be surprised these candidates would offer holiday gifts, or maybe a trip to heaven and back, to win votes next year.

I am exaggerating of course. Am I?

Maybe I am exaggerating. You know, I can’t imagine how they, in their very busy schedule, find time to tweet, update their Facebook status and errr, answer tweets posted by others.

Ok, aides can do that for them, I know.

But still…I will just say, I’m shrugging my shoulders and rolling my eyes at the same time, LOL.

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How Do We Stand Up and Get Going After the Typhoons?

With so much devastation around caused by the two super typhoons that came to wreak havoc to this poor nation of ours, it seems that a lot of businesses (and that includes small businesses, franchises and even agricultural products from the northern Philippines) have been affected severely and will be affected in the days to come.

Yes, we still have to come to grips with what has happened after Ondoy (Ketsana) and now Pepeng came and brought more damage than we can probably imagine.

Lives were lost. Homes, entire villages and physical structures were buried in mudslides and landslides.  Severe damage to crops and properties happened. Roads and bridges are destroyed, damaged and not passable as of this time.

I know, deep in my heart that we will surpass these challenges but as a nation with scarce resources, corrupt officials, and dampened spirits, how can we say that we can right now?

How do we stand up and get going after all these has happened?


Flooding in Front of Our Home


flooding in front of our home

First time in going wordless. Pic shows lowest flood level in front of our home last Saturday. More pics from our place here.

Please click the links to see what happened to us here in the Philippines during and after typhoon Ondoy (Ketsana) battered the country:

Death Toll

More rains than Katrina

Worst flood


Ways to help, here and here.


Aftermath of Typhoon Ondoy

So many lives lost, homes destroyed, families displaced and so much more damage was caused by Typhoon Ondoy, which can be likened to Hurricane Katrina and it seems it dumped more rain than Katrina.

Yes, it is the worst flood according to the weather bureau PAGASA.

Now the cleaning up operations is on the way, in some areas where the flood water receded.

If only it were as easy as doing motorhome towing but these homes that were destroyed need more than towing. These homes need rebuilding.

In some areas, bodies are still being retrieved, lifeless ones. There are fires, oil spill and incidence of looting. This is so sad, so depressing, amidst the swelling outpouring of help, volunteerism and charitable work.

For donations, several companies are opening their branches like McDonald’s and gasoline stations.

Click here to see how you can help.


2009 Earth Hour

Yes, we joined the millions of households and commercial establishments,communities, and cities who observed March 28, 2009 8:30-9:30 pm Earth Hour.

Here is my post of our 2009 Earth Hour experience :)

I must say this should be done more frequently because of the many benefits I saw it brought and one of which was my kids went to bed early :D

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