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Frogs in the Backyard

I don’t have a garden at home though if I am not too lazy to have one, I have a little space for that. Except for that space where we have our calamansi trees and that little pot where my eggplant grows, all we have is grass.

When the rains are here, our backyard frogs are happy. Yes, we do have real croaking frogs in the backyard, as well as a lot of ants, lol. We don’t get these frogs and throw them away even if I sometimes freak out when they jump near me. I am thinking of getting frog statues so I can get use to them around.

Do you know that frogs are  frogs are good indicators of “trouble in paradise”, meaning ecological imbalance in the ecosystem? Read about some of it here.


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Avocado Pudding

I featured some baked avocado fries in this blog.

Below was the photo I used for the blog entry:

avocado fries

My kids remembere the avocado pudding I made before and asked why I haven’t made that again. Why not? The avocado we got from the MIL was used to make “ice cream” meaning mashed avocado + evaporated milk + muscovado sugar, frozen in the freezer. I am the only one eating the stuff.

Avocado pudding is easy to make, just mash the avocado (or use a food processor) and mix in powdered cocoa then chill for a few hours. Ahhh… now I remember and I think I MUST get some new avocados later.

Some use this as base for cheesecake though I still have to try that.

Here are recipes to make for avocado + banana pudding.

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Plant Growth

plant growth on concrete stairs

Amazing how plant growth can happen even on concrete with very little soil to cling on to.

Photo first posted in Instagram.

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Emergency Kit

The inclement weather condition during the past two weeks had been horrible. The children stayed at the MIL’s home for safety reasons. When the flood waters weren’t scary yet as seen in the news reports, we were even joking that we need to get emergency items like more flashlights, big floaters, a big inflatable boat, a kayak (my idea lol) and first aid kit in a waterproof container. Throw in liquid image summit series goggles and we are ready to face the flood water should these dare inside the property this time.

Now, if only we are going swimming instead.

Mindanao Avenue

Photo first posted here.

Kidding aside, the fear that these waters will rise again (it did last week except our street was not flooded, so yey!) is no joke. A few hours of heavy rains and the husband is telling me to get the children’s things ready so that they can be brought to their family home.

It is a tiring feeling, that feeling that if the rains are bad, we may not be “lucky” like the last time.

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Self-Taught Guitar Player

This is my daughter teaching herself how to play a song, using her guitar. One tab is opened for the chords of the song she is playing and the other tab is opened to an internet radio station where the song she is listening to through the headphones is playing.


Photo first posted here.

I’m sure one day she will ask for bigger guitars to play with, like a squier 51 or the likes. For now, we just enjoy listening to what she can play with as she learns how to play by being self-taught.

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Home Baked Goodies

Am not really a baker but I am a frugal mom.

Brownies and Butterscotch bars

For the boy’s birthday, home-baked brownies and butterscotch bars were brought to school along with steamed hotdogs, huh, I know this is a *rolled eyes reaction* but the children loved the snacks we brought.

It warms my heart to hear the boy’s classmates say they love the brownies and these tasted good.

I really want to learn to bake well and so I look at different websites to learn how to do this properly. I also do the “Become a Fan” in different Facebook pages about baking and other stuff regarding food preparation.

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