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Hardware Store Loot

I have always been “proud” of the fact that I’d rather go to a hardware store than go to a clothes store. Maybe I was born to be a carpenter, I just don’t know about it nor have my skills been acquired to be one :D

In one of my trips to a hardware store, I got these:

I had hopes to attach these slide under one of the shelves in the home library so I can attach a tray to be pulled and pushed when needed. Sadly, I wasn’t able to put these together, *inserts groan sound here…*

Those online hardware stores that sells 10 inch drawer slides like the linked site are sites I like to look at because when I finally have time to go to a real store, I know what I need to get.



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Science Projects

Science being taught in school is exciting. The children get to experiment with a lot of things where some of the questions they have about the things happening around them are being answered.

I remember when we were still homeschooling: Science is one of the subject matter area that the children are looking forward to doing everyday.

Take for example today. My eldest child is going to a hardware store to buy some materials for an experiment: mirrors, digital ph meter, some glass slides among other things.

All around us is about Science and if we teach our children these things, then they not only learn but we get to pique their curiosities to learn more.

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Blogging at the Mall

After hubby’s business with the hardware store (see post below), I am stationed at the mall to wait for the kids to arrive.

Sigh… I am not fond of this waiting game, I’d rather stay home than be out. Imagine, I have to buy food so I can plug and recharge my mobile phone now running on dim lcd, lol.

Gap Store

There is gonna be a sale on the 31st at this mall so I better check what they have to offer because we are on the look out for something like this that I saw in

Time to check out some new shirts too :-)

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Lunch Crowd Buzz

I am by my lonesome waiting for the hubby as he gets some hardware stuff for a workplace he is helping with: cctv cameras, new computers, long hdmi cables, and furniture to go along with these.

The lunch crowd’s buzz above the music makes me crave for the home’s quiet pace. I wonder how people with their netbooks and tablets open can work with the noise.

I’m guessing they are just tweeting or checking Facebook. Lol.

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Fun Activity for Kids

The children enjoyed the OREO Get Dunked activity we went to last Sunday so they are now trying their best to reach level 10 of the OREO Twist, Lick and Dunk online game to be able to get tickets for the next round of mall tour :D

They loved being velcroed to the sticky wall.

I joked to them that next fun activity they will go to, they will get hanged on door knobs of giant doors or hanged upside down from trees :D

There are so many kid activities for children these days and sometimes I wish we were able to experience these when I was younger.

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On Doors

Years ago, I told myself that I will take note of doors and take photos too.

I just found out that I haven’t done a lot of picture taking of doors, door handles, door hardware, any door fixtures or anything related to real doors.


Why should this even be significant for me?

Doors are symbolic. These can mean “opening up” or self-discovery, or missed opportunities, maybe a welcoming door, or a closing one.

Doors may mean coming inside the confines of a place someone else holds dear. Or going out of this door.

Whatever these doors symbolize is a personal issue.

Helen Keller said:

“When one door of happiness closes, another opens; but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one which has been opened for us.”

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