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Masuki Siopao

Hands down, Siopao is one my son’s fave food among the many food he prefers. Maybe because it is easy to eat being an almost no-fuss food or maybe because it is a “safe” choice.

Here is a big Masuki siopao he ate all by himself.

Masuki siopao

Read about Masuki Chicken Mami here which best pairs with that ginormous siopao.


Potato Wedges

I honestly can’t remember what these are called but since these are potato wedges, that’s what I called these yummies from Caffecino by Dome in Eastwood:

Potato Wedges at Caffecino by Dome

The son “devoured” these potato wedges. He absolutely loved it.


Bangusilog from GoodAh!!!

Bangusilog from GoodAh!!!

Hubby and I were looking for a place to have a super late dinner after we had our movie spa date. He suggested we check out the not-so-newly opened GoodAh!!! branch near us.

Bangusilog from GoodAh!!!

There was a wall there with old photos of their branches and this got the hubby and me reminiscing about the few times we went to have late dinners there while we were still dating.

When we got our orders, the food smelled and looked the same except of course, the sizes but now smaller. Hubby’s order of longsilog was a bit of a disappointment because what used to be big longganisas (there used to be three or even 4)  are now reduced to a third of the serving they used to serve. My bangus looked like a young one, only cut in half.

It became a place for reminiscing the old times, and that includes thinking about the food servings then.

Oh well…

UPDATE 10:30pm I asked hubby if he still wants to go back there, the answer was “yes”.


Belgian Chocolates

Belgian chocolates. Twin hearts here.

Belgian Chocolates

None follows, LOL


Cream Dory Fish Fillet

Cream dory fillet is one of the most versatile fish fillet there is, in terms cooking. Fried cream dory fish fillet, almond crusted cream dory pasta and cream dory fish fillet and mushrooms in oriental sauce in these entries.

Cream Dory Fish Fillet

Here is a crispy deep fried cream dory fish fillet. For me, this is best dipped in mayo-garlic dip. For my kids, tomato ketchup is good enough. Continue Reading »


Shakey’s Bunch of Lunch

Shakey’s Bunch of Lunch (or is it Bunch o’ Lunch?)

Shakey's Bunch of Lunch

Whatever, this plate = yum!


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